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Course overview with Php Training in chandigarh

Php Training in Chandigarh : Course Overview
This course isn't something standard, this is something extraordinary, Php Training in Chandigarhwill 
teach you each and every concepts in proper way. the total start to finish bundle for learning PHP and 
MySQL web advancement without any preparation. This course will manufacture you solid PHP and 
MySQLi improvement aptitudes which you can use to fill in as a consultant or land a position in a 
product house anyplace on the planet. Subsequent to taking this course you'll have the capacity to do 
Taking in PHP and MySQLi From Scratch
Making Applications in PHP Making Registration Forms in PHP Making Online Software in PHP Transferring Projects to Online Server
You will gain a course from completely scratch, and after the basics, you'll learn 4+ extends in this 
course which are additionally starting with no outside help. The more addresses you watch, the more 
you'll be shutting towards turning into a web engineer.
There wil…

Php Variables

PHP Variables : Php training in Chandigarh
Today we will discuss about Php variables with php training in Chandigarh
There is a Holder for a Variable Data Type. Therefore, depending on its type, one can hold the resources
of the Variable Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Objects or it can NULL. All the variables in PHP start with 
a sign "$" and in this, value can be assigned using "=" operator. Dollar Sign is not technically a part of 
the Variable's name but it is necessary to recognize such variables as the first character of PHP Parser. One more important thing in PHP is that all the statements have a semicolon ";" Should end with the same. 
In PHP, we do not have to specify the type of variable as it takes the Data type from Assigned Value. To declare a variable, you must include it in your script. You can Declare a Variable and assign it to the same 
Statement with a value.
Rules for Variable Declaration Variable starts with $ sign and with Variable NameVaria…

Php versions : Php training in chandigarh

Learning about php version 

Friends, Today what we have PHP And his whole history is about to tell. PHP is the most popular language to be used in Internet. It can also be called a Hypertext Preprocessor. Its first name was Personal Home Page. Then it is called PHP. PHP was built in 1995 by Rasmos Lerdorf. After its development, in the third phase i.e. in 1998, its new 
name was Hypertext Preprocessor. This development was done by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans.
This is a scripting language. Helps PHP programmer to increase the capability of the Web page. With the help of PHP you can do many things like create a username and password, create a login page, check details from any form. You can also create Forms, Picture Gallery, Surveys etc. If you come to a web page that ends in PHP, then it is 
obvious that the programmer has revived the old HTML. PHP is a Server-sided Language. That is, PHP is a language that can not be executed on our computer. But it is executed on the computer where…