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Concept of SDLC Model in PHP

Let’s learn the SDLC model with PHP Training in Chandigarh :

                                             Concept of SDLC Model
Software Development Life Cycle : Today we will discuss about SDLC Model from PHP Training in Chandigarh. System Development can be viewed as process. Furthermore, the development itself . In essence, is a process of change, refinement, transformation, or addition to the existing product.
With  in the process, it is possible to replace one subprocess with a new one, as long as the new subprocess has the same interface as the old one, to allow it to fit into the process as a whole. WIth-in the method of change, it is possible to adapt the new process, For example : The object oriented approach provides us a set of rules for describing inheritance and specialization in a consistent way when sub-process changes the behavior of its parent process.
The object oriented software development life cycle consist of the macro processes and they are as follows :

Content Management System in PHP

Learning Use of CMS with PHP Training in Chandigarh

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a computer application, which helps in making changes on web-pages or websites development. Whatever is being added, deleted, edited and amended in website/web page is all possible with the help of CMS . As the name suggests this helps in managing and supports all the modification of digital content. This is Content Management system in PHP Training in Chandigarh.
Whenever you go for a search of anything on internet, you’ll be able to see a page full of some content  on your screen. Each time you visit that page, you will not be able to find almost the same content. All this is because of CMS. Whatever updation ,edition, addition or deletion required is managed with the support of CMS.
We have the most popular CMS called WCMS  that is Web Content Management System. This includes program codes, texts, videos, images, pictures and graphics. These contents are managed by WCMS, what ever you…