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                                             Concept of SDLC Model

Software Development Life Cycle : Today we will discuss about SDLC Model from PHP Training in Chandigarh. System Development can be viewed as process. Furthermore, the development itself . In essence, is a process of change, refinement, transformation, or addition to the existing product.

With  in the process, it is possible to replace one subprocess with a new one, as long as the new subprocess has the same interface as the old one, to allow it to fit into the process as a whole. WIth-in the method of change, it is possible to adapt the new process, For example : The object oriented approach provides us a set of rules for describing inheritance and specialization in a consistent way when sub-process changes the behavior of its parent process.

The object oriented software development life cycle consist of the macro processes and they are as follows :

  1. Object-oriented Analysis
  2. Object- oriented Design, and
  3. Object- oriented Implementation

Activities of Object-oriented system development : Object oriented system development includes these activities.

  1. Object-Oriented analysis - Use- Case Driven,
  2. Object- Oriented Design,
  3. Prototyping,
  4. Implementation-  Component-Based development, and
  5. Incremental testing.

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Types of SDLC models : The various software development models include

  1. Classical Waterfall life cycle Model
  2. Prototyping Model
  3. Iterative Waterfall life cycle Model
  4. Evolutionary Development Models

  1. Classical waterfall Life Cycle Model :
i .  The waterfall model is intuitively the most understandable way to develop software. Though the classical waterfall model is elegant and understandable, it is not a practical model in the sense that it cannot be used in actual software development project. Thus, this model can be considered to be a theoretical way  of developing software. But all other life-cycle models are essentially derived from the classical waterfall model.

II.  Waterfall model also called as classical life cycle model, the linear sequential model or simply waterfall model is a systematic sequential model or simply waterfall model is a systematic sequential approach to software development that begins at the system level and progresses through analysis, design, coding, testing and support.


  1. Feasibility study
  2. Requirement analysis and specification
  3. Design
  4. Coding and unit testing
  5. Integration and system testing
  6. Maintenance
I. Feasibility Study : It involves analysis of the problem and collection of all relevant information related to the product. The collected data are analysed for :
  1. Requirement of the customer.
  2. Formulation of the different strategies for solving the problem.
  3. Evaluation of different solution Strategies.

II. Requirement Analysis and specification :  To understand the exact requirements of the customer and to document them properly. This is the main objective of the Requirement analysis and specification. This Phase consists of two distinct activities.

  1. Requirement gathering and analysis
  2. Requirements Specification 

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